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Costa Rica: more than your typical travel destination

Welcome to the land of Pura Vida! Have you noticed that many people are choosing to travel to Costa Rica for their vacation recently? It has become one of the most popular tourist spots in the world for all kinds of travelers, including solo travelers. What is it about this Central American country that attracts so many people? Let us answer that so you can decide if you are next to visit Costa Rica on your holiday.


Did you know that Costa Rica protects a larger percentage of the land as natural habitat than in any other country in the world? That gives you a good idea of how expansive ecotourism is in this beautiful land. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look, people are talking about protecting the environment. Ticos –as natives from Costa Rica are kindly called- truly care about their country, about the environment, about their animals, about their oceans, about their land. It is remarkable to see how much the locals care for their land and its animals.

The country is a leader in sustainable conservation. The country’s National Parks and other protected areas are a perfect example of how to protect Mother Earth and care for it. If you are a nature lover and care about the environment, you will love visiting Costa Rica. It is fascinating to hear Ticos talk about the land, the country, the animals. You can feel the love and the care. Nature is all around. You do not need to take a special trip to be in nature here. There are so many forests, mountains, beaches, volcanoes, no matter where you go, you will see and feel in nature. This is one of my favorite parts of this beautiful country. You will find a long list of National Parks to visit everywhere in the country. Thanks to this focus on conservationism and sustainability, many of the hotels, hostels, and any type of lodging options follow sustainable practices.

Going on vacation to a place where you can be in such direct contact with nature brings tons of benefits. Not only will you have the opportunity to see many different species of animals and trees, which is a treat in and of itself, you will also get all the healing benefits that spending time in nature offers. Being in nature helps reset your nervous system. Evidence shows that exposure to nature can reduce high blood pressure, as well as respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Being out in nature can also improve mental wellbeing as it contributes to reduce anxiety. Ready to hit the reset button? This is your chance!

There is something special about being able to do ecotourism. You feel so connected to Mother Nature it may change the way you look at our planet Earth. Appreciating the beauty of nature deepens the love and commitment you feel for our planet, and can change some of your habits as you become more environmentally conscious. Costa Rica offers such a variety of plants and trees in its jungles and mountains that you learn to appreciate the wonders of our nature offers us. The same goes for animals. Being able to observe so many different species of animals

Proximity/Variety of environments

Now you know that Costa Rica has a beautiful land that offers such diverse environments you will not be bored. The best news is you may not have to choose just one place to see during your vacation. Because this is a small country, within a short distance you can be in very different environments. One moment you can be up at the top of the highest mountain in the country, and 2 hours later be on the shore of the Pacific Ocean dipping your toes in the pristine blue ocean.

Hop on a bus in San Jose in get to El Limon in the Atlantic side of the country in just 4 hours. There are several National Parks in the “Caribbean” as they call it, and each one allows you to enjoy part of a beautiful beach, some nature in the jungle, and tons of different animals. There are many beaches you can visit on this side of the country, and you can enjoy a Caribbean-style culture and cuisine that will more than satisfy your desire for a good time. Would rather visit the Pacific Ocean?



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